About Me

Professionally working since 2001

But first things first: When I was a kid, I found my daddy’s guitar in the attic. I was about 8 years old and I wanted to be a rock star. My first DJ set in a club I played when I was 13 – prime time, main floor. I was totally consumed by the idea of having music all around me for the rest of my life. Meanwhile in my other brain hemisphere I more and more dug into multi media design, producing sound and video. 2000 I moved to Berlin and started to work. Web, print, video – everything that seemed fun and paid the rent. Over the years I narrowed it down to video. The fascination of telling a story or transporting an idea is the key element that still drives my work today. Music is always a big part of that. Over the years I developed a very defined sense of how to work with video and music in order to find the desired balance between information and emotion.

I work with a modular team of camera men, stylists, hair & make up artists, lightning directors, post production artists, vjs, photographers and more…

„ok ok – but what do you actually do?“
– concepting and developing strategies on how to communicate an idea or a product
– planning the production process from the first idea to the final video
– planning the video: writing a screenplay / defining a style that fits this idea etc.
– producing video content: filming, 3d animation, directing, compositing etc.
– editing and refining the video, live video mixing

„no – i still dont get it… but what do you actually really do?“
concept/idea, directing, filming, editing, 3d animation, compositing, vfx, composing music, producing music, live visuals / VJ, corporate videos, music videos, video installations, sound design